Welcome to Fallenoak Tibetan Mastiffs. 
We live in North Wales on the edge of a country park in the Clwyd Range.Our affix Fallenoak came from an oak tree that fell down at the bottom of our garden which borders the country park.
I first read about this breed in the seventies when I owned Bull Mastiffs. We contacted the breeder of our founder T/M family in 2002 in Leeds and went on his waiting list. The mating in 2003 was not a success hence why we finally had our first boy in 2004,owing to this breed only whelping once a year.
We had no intentions of showing Charlock(Charlie) at first but my wife and I thought we would give it a go,and to our great pleasure he has done quite well infact he became Crufts Junior Champ in 2005,and 2nd in P/G in 2007 among being placed first in his classes in championship shows up and down Great Britain.
We got our first bitch a gold girl called Evie from the main breeder in this country in South Wales.
At that time we had no thoughts of breeding,but we decided we had two beautiful dogs and would love to have one of their pups,that is how Fallenoak started.
What a wonderful pleasure and adventure we have found.
We had 9 puppies, 7 gold, 1 black and tan,
1 grey and tan. We kept one gold boy named Mckenzie, and three gold girls named Ellie, Teea and Tasha  and they are every bit as beautiful as their mum and dad.
Our dogs are brought up in the home as part of our family,with lots of love and attention. We also have two cross spaniel collies named Jake and Jade,brother and sister as well as seven cats,so you could say that we love our pets. 
Enjoy surfing our pages,it would be nice to read your comments in the guestbook.
Jim and Gaynor.