Charlie and Doris enjoying the snow

Jim & Charlie Tony & Doris 

Amanda & Doris Charlie & Jim

This is the country park where our garden borders

Charlie having a bad hair day

Son Thorr saying goodbye to Liaha

Time for play

Amanda with Evie,Tony with Doris following me up a slight hill, ha ha

Brought an expert in to train the dogs

Brought a cleaner in,wasn't impressed

Charlie at Crufts 2007 2nd P/G

Tracy with Winnie

Liam,Jacob,Charlie and Jim

Gaynor with Tasha & Teea enjoying a snog

Thorr & Tasha , Jim &Teea

    Charlie getting out of the sun

Teea in full flight

Mckenzie pretending to be Santa

Ellie on her favourite chair

The Elvis look

Evie doing the female Elvis

Dodger in the woods

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