Charlie Aberdovey Pier 2011

Charlie Tywyn sand dunes2011

Gang at the caravan 2012

Evie enjoying Tywyn beach2012

Mckenzie Tywyn beach 2012

Teea investigating Tywyn2012

Charlie Tasha and Ellie Tywyn beach 2012

Teea and mum Evie Tywyn prom 2011

Ellie Tywyn sand dunes 2011

Ellie Tywyn sand dunes 2011

Evie and Teea Aberdovey 2011

Aberdovey 2011

On a walk Loggerheads Park

Mckenzie with son Yoshi 2011

Charlie with his Grandson Yoshi

Mckenzie with son Yoshi and daughter

Mckenzies daughter Choden 2011

Mckenzie behind our home 2011

Mckenzie in his bib Crufts 2012

Charlie Tasha and Ellie Tywyn river
Evie Tywyn river bank 2012

Mckenzie Tywyn 2012

Charlie Tywyn sand Dunes 2012
All of them enjoying a run Tywyn 2012
Teea Tywyn 2012

Charlie Tywyn beach

Playing Tywyn Beach 2012

All having a walk on Tywyn beach 2012

Ellie Tywyn 2012

Mckenzie Tywyn river

Our Dogs Transport

Charlie Tywyn beach 2012

Ellie Charlie and Tasha Tywyn beach 2012

Charlie Tywyn beach 2012 age 8

Mckenzie in the sea at Tywyn 2012

Evie and Teea Tywyn 2012

Mckenzie Deep in Kelp Tywyn 2012

Mckenzie and sister Teea Tywyn 2012

Ellie in the Caravan 2012 Caethle Farm

Mckenzie with his Dad Charlie at the Caravan 2012

Teea Tywyn sand Dunes 2012 age 5

Teea & Mckenzie with their Mum Evie Tywyn beach 2012

Yoshi with dad Mckenzie and grandad Charlie

Choden with dad Mckenzie and Grandad Charlie
Evie Tywyn beach 2011

Charlie on the Mountain side

Back to front Tasha Evie Teea and Mckenzie

Charlie dad with Tasha Evie mum Teea and Mckenzie

Mckenzie Bailey with dad Charlie

A Tibetan Mastiff Christmas in our Home

Teea and Evie in the woods at the bottom of our garden

My fishing partner Evie Aberdovey 2011

Tasha and her reflection on the wet beach at Tywyn 2011

Discover Dogs at Crufts 2008

Naomi and McKenzie Best of Friends

Ebo & McKenzie

Tasha 13 months

Tasha outside our house

Ellie hide and seek

Ebo on his holiday with us

Dodger and Tracy at Crufts 2008

Tony and Dodger at Crufts 2008

Tracy & Charlie at Crufts 2008

Amanda & Tony,  Dodger & Doris

Teea, Jim & Tasha enjoying sunset

Mckenzie looking nosey. Pic by Sara

Charlie& Mckenzie Club show. Pic by Sara

Mckenzie winning at Crufts 2008. Pic by C Allen

Crufts Special puppy 2008. Pic by C Allen

Mckenzie watching over Holly

Mckenzie being regal

Charlie at xmas

4 of the gang slobbering on me
 waiting for their turkey

Xmas hangover

No not another dog

Charlie aged two

Evie and Charlie

Evie age one on the forest track

Oil painting of Charlie

Artful Dodger age 5 weeks

Tasha,Winnie and Teea age 4 weeks      

Charlie's photo in the local paper with Jim

Charlie-Mckenzie at ring craft

Charlie and Jim at club show

Evie enjoying her holiday at the caravan

Our T/M family relaxing in conservatory

Mckenzie the deep thinker

Holly and Tasha

Charlie at the club show with me

Father Alan with Evie

Daughter Naomi waiting for the pups to arrive

Charlie licking the snow off

We are having a rest