A letter for a special friend
I have such special memories of you my friend
The times we spent walking and playing.
As we spent time together our love grew,
I would have my sad thoughts of how my heart
would break when I lost you,and now my friend
that time has come,and my heart is breaking.
So as I hold you, and watch over you as you close 
your eyes,I whisper I love you and I promise that
when my time comes which it surely will,we will be
together again my friend going on our walks once again.
Bye Bye for now but not forever.
Written by Gaynor Parry  

Matilda the puppy we sadly lost

Sheen my first Bull Mastiff.He was a very easy going boy

Shultz my constant companion 

Zak he was the biggest bully of them all.

Harry Parry our cockerel everybody in our lane loved him he was a big friendly giant.