Me and Gaynor are going to the World Dog Show in Stockholm, Sweden on July 2nd just as observers. 

We are hoping to talk to some of the T/M breeders there, and hopefully bring back some good photos for the website.

We both did discovery dogs on Thursday morning at Crufts for the first time  and really enjoyed it, we would like to thank everybody who spoke to us. 
We went back on the Saturday to show and Mckenzie won special puppy dog 2008 just like his dad winning first time at Crufts. Ellie was placed V H C in special puppy bitch. 
At the T/M Spring show Mckenzie came 2nd in Junior dog & Ellie came first in Novice bitch. It was nice to see five of our first litter  at the club show two out of the five were none entries.
We would like to thank Tracy & John Kate & Julian & Bernie and her family for their support at the club show and they have all got the bug now and I'am sure you will see them at club shows in the future.

We have just had three of our dogs hip scores back, we are very pleased with the results.

Mckenzie 8-7=15
Ellie  2-4=6
Tasha  2-4=6


We have three dogs in Crufts on March 8th
August page Sobarna Charlock at Fallenoak (Charlie)
Fallenoak Arcane Magic (Mckenzie)
Fallenoak Antiquity Queen (Ellie).
In the autumn Tibetan Mastiff club show Charlie won P/G Class and then went on to win R.B.I.B. with an entry of seventy plus,it was a very good day.
His son also went on to come 2nd in puppy class.
Our dogs are a big part of the Tibetan Mastiff Club Calender 2008.
Charlie is on the front cover,he is also on the January page,one of the pups out of the litter a grey and tan boy owned by Amanda and Tony is on the Februay and  April page.
Mckenzie one of the pups we kept is on the June page, 
a photo of the pups going for their injection in the back of the car is on the August page.