This was a magical day our very first litter, born on 09-01-2007 starting at 9.35am until last born 6.23pm.
Sire  Sobarna Charlock at Fallenoak (Charlie) Dam Heronsview Golden Sunrise of Fallenoak (Evie).
We had nine pups altogether 5 girls and 4 boys. Matilda,we called her was stillborn, she was the 
seventh to be born at 5.24pm,she was a gold. She weighed 15oz. 
This was so upsetting but the joyful part was the experience of us all being there myself James, wife Gaynor, daughter Naomi, son Thorr and father-in-law Alan.
We didnt have to do very much at all as Evie was just brilliant. She took to it like duck to water.
Charlie was also amazing he sensed that all our attention had to be on Evie and he was just so patient and waited with no fuss, so laid back.
We buried Matilda in the garden and Evie could sense where she was and still can.  
We are going to breed again at the end of this year 2008 anybody wishing to be considered for being put on our list for one of the  pups could you please phone so we can have a chat.   
1st born was (Tiny) now called Tasha at 9.35am weighing 140z Gold Girl 
2nd born was (Stripe) now called Ellie at 10.32am weighing 1 lb 2oz Gold Girl 
3rd born was (Goatie) now called Eibo at 12.55pm weighing 1 lb 4oz Gold Boy 
4th born was (Dozy) now called Liaha at 1.42pm weighing 1 lb 1oz Gold Boy 
5th born was (Twinny) now called Teea at 3.13pm weighing 1 lb Gold Girl 
6th born was (Socks) now called Winnie at 4.01pm weighing 15oz Black and Tan Girl 
7th born was Matilda at 5.24pm weighing 15oz Gold Girl 
8th born was (Sleepy) now called Mckenzie at 5.53pm weighing 1 lb 2oz Gold Boy 
9th born was (Fatty Bum Boy) now called Dodger at 6.23pm weghing 1 lb 2oz Grey and Tan Boy

New born

Pictured at 1 week old


Charlie saying good bye before I buried her in the garden under our trees.

Family having a well deserved snooze

Mum keeping an eye on her offsprings

Cuddle up time

Milk bar open again

I will just have asleep while you lot feed

All trying to read the local paper

Lets keep warm

Dodger having a snooze

Evie keeping her pup safe

Pups going for their final injections

Liaha off to his new home with his new owner

Dodger off to his new home with 
Tony and Amanda

Winnie off to her new home with Julian and Kate

Eibo off to his new home with Roly and Jasmine

John with the gang at 9 weeks old

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