This is our Ellie's first litter.
The sire is Chengxi he is from Estonia owned by Richard Gardiner [Heronsview] Chengxi has Chinese blood line's.We had a lovely day having the pleasure of being there watching our lovely pup's being born, each and everyone very special such lovely memories.

Ellie was amazing, she was a little star cleaning and feeding like she was an expert and had done it all before. We had 7 pups, but sadly the last born Madaline a black and tan girl was stillborn. She is buried lovingly in our garden, forever with us.

14th January 2012
1.Troy at 6.40am weighing 15oz Gold Boy
2.Twilight at 10.27am weighing 1lb 1oz Black and Tan Girl
3.Furion at 2.40pm weighing 14oz Gold Boy
4.Matilda at 5.04pm weighing 14oz Black and Tan Girl
5.Riddick at 7.41pm weighing 1lb Gold Boy
6.Eli at 8.48pm weighing 14oz Gold Boy
7.Madaline at 1.05am weighing 15oz Black and Tan Girl [Stillborn]


1 day old

1 day old







12 days old









Louise with Shanti


David and Memphis

Kirsty with Bella


Kaleigh with Shanti


Josh getting his toe's nibbled

Thorr with Memphis


Gaynor Walter and Ben

Kevin Claire and Family with Aslan

The Roberts Family with Bella

Memphis with David and his mum Jackie

Louise with Shanti

Ben Hugo and Jas

Julian Walter and Kate

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